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In1View Media Interactive Services


Interactive Real Estate Tools

2D Floor Plan

A simple and clean straight-to-the-point professional "blueprint" of the home with dimensions.  Floor plans are the best way to gather information about the room layout, how the rooms fit in relation to each other, and to understand the flow of the property. Even though photos are a must-have visual asset, the buyer can feel the lack of context; floor plans give structure to photos in the listing.  



3D Virtual Tour

The "Always Open" Open House.  Our photographers use a specialized camera equipped with multiple lenses that capture a 360-degree view.  Those images are then combined into a 3D model which allows for potential buyers to fully immerse themselves into the property and see it from any angle. To help with the orientation, a laser-measured 2D floor plan is embedded within the 3D Virtual Tour. The 2D floor plan also includes room-specific location points that allow users to jump from room to room with ease. The 3D Virtual Tour gives them a first-person interactive walk-through that goes beyond photos and video.

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